December 2, 2022
In the past, programmers communicated by writing code, but nowadays, almost every company has a dedicated team for product iteration. So, what exactly is Agile development? Let's talk about that today.First, let's make one thing clear: we live in a different era than before. It used to be a "software is king" era, but now we need "user-centered" product design. 1、What is Agile Development T
November 30, 2022
SFlow CRM is a customer-centric business model, an enterprise oriented customer relationship management system supported by IT and network technologies. With the development of information technology and the Internet, more and more companies are incorporating customer resources and services into their daily business management activities. An excellent CRM can help an enterprise to effectively ma
November 29, 2022
CRM management software, that is, customer relationship management model. It is a means for enterprises to understand customers in all aspects, is a way for enterprise sales staff to establish a good communication relationship with customers. CRM software is a customer management system software for enterprises, mainly used for customer management in different industries, such as retail, garme

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