Customer support ticketing
Customer support ticketing
Software development project management
Software development project management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IT ticketing system
IT ticketing system
WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

The sFlow Video Presentation WordPress Plugin lets you embed video presentations effortlessly on your WordPress website or blog, without worrying about compatibility issues.You can do a search on WordPress Plugin. It's easy to use and integrates smoothly with WordPress, making it perfect for business owners, educators, or anyone who wants to add engaging video content to their website.

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AI Video Software

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Experience ChatGPT's private Chat AI. Using OpenAI's advanced language model, it ensures data privacy. It allows natural conversations, personalized assistance, and efficient interactions with a smart virtual assistant. Enjoy AI-driven communication securely, revolutionizing your connections and collaborations.
AI Video Maker
AI Video Maker
Experience, the ultimate AI video maker! Create stunning videos effortlessly for your business, social media, or personal projects. Our cutting-edge platform and user-friendly tools do the heavy lifting. Unleash your creativity now!
Ticketing And Task
Ticketing And Task
Welcome to – your all-in-one ticketing and task solution! Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT, our advanced AI chatbot, to automate ticket and task creation. Stay organized, prioritize tasks, and boost productivity with ease. Experience the power of AI today!
Welcome to Video, the ultimate AI-powered video tool for creating stunning video presentations and text to video with ease. Our state-of-the-art AI technology ensures that your videos look and sound their best, while our intuitive interface makes it simple to create, edit, and share your content.

The content was produced and is being exhibited using the Sflow Video Presentation software.

Features of Sflow video presentation
PPT or PDF to Video Presentation
Our tool allows you to convert your existing PowerPoint or PDF files into a professional video presentation quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can turn your static slides into a dynamic video presentation, complete with animations, transitions, and background music.
Auto Create Correction with AI
Say goodbye to the tedious task of correcting your voice script manually. Our AI-powered tool, ChatGPT, automatically polishes your voice script to ensure it is error-free, engaging, and sounds natural. This feature saves you valuable time and guarantees a high-quality video presentation.
AI Voice with Multiple Languages
Our tool supports multiple languages, allowing you to choose the language for different geographic locations. With our AI voice feature, you can create video presentations in any language, with natural-sounding voiceovers that engage and inform your audience.
Multi-Language Support
Our video presentation tool allows you to offer the same presentation in different languages, enabling your viewers to choose their preferred language. This feature ensures that your presentation reaches a broader audience, regardless of their location or language.
Long and Short Script
We understand that your audience has different listening experiences and time constraints. Our tool allows you to create video presentations with both long and short scripts, ensuring that you deliver the right message to your audience, regardless of their preferences.
Smart Tracking and Statistics
After you publish your video presentation, our tool provides you with real-time statistics, allowing you to track how many people have viewed your presentation, how long they spent watching it, and where they dropped off. This information helps you make data-driven decisions to improve future presentations and tailor your content to your audience's needs. is a comprehensive project management and ticketing system designed for businesses of all sizes, equipped with built-in features for cross-organizational communication and automation to support all types of projects and support.
Improve transparency and productivity even with cross-organization parters, the advanced project management and ticketing system of the future
Support your business process from software development, customer support, IT ticketing, marketing, sales, and product delivery using the same user-friendly task flow and low-code interface
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Software development
Track your agile software development and work well with the internal and outsourcing project.
Customer service_Two Color
Customer support
Using the same agile process for customer ticketing and support projects integrated with email, SMS, phone, website, and other channels for better customer support.
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Business process
IT ticketing, and product delivery by providing flexible business flow processes and tracking tools.
marketing project and agency
Marketing project and agency
Easily monitor marketing projects by having client visibility and project-based file sharing capabilities built-in
head hunter and hr
Head hunter and HR
Simplify the information sharing process for headhunters and clients with built-in tracking and communication tools, allowing for easy sharing of candidate requirements and skill sets documents.
devOps ticketing
DevOps ticketing
Enhance DevOps productivity by implementing data center monitoring and automatic ticketing for operations, enabling automation of monitoring and automatic ticketing for IoT applications.
Better cross-organization and cross-team project collaboration tools
Allow easy project sharing between organization such as service agency and clients taking care of both privacy and transparency
project visibility
Project visibility
Have a better project visibility for different team member especially external client team
different level of access to information
Different level of access to information
Different level of access between different team allow control sharing of information
easy communication between teams
Easy communication between teams
Build-in communication tool facility cross team communication.
Sflow technology
Drag and drop UI customization
HTTP API for easy integration
Automation with JavaScript
Support agile software process
Reporting and dashboard
Meeting build-in and integration
Chat build-in and integration
Email and SMS ticketing
Zapier and n8n integration
WordPress plugin
Low code customization
Single sign-on
App stores and integration
Time tracking dashboard
Team performance dashboard
Project cost dashboard
Low code/No code
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Real-time data sync with Airtable, NocoDB, and Baserow
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No code/ low code form creation
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JavaScript embedded automation
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Zapier and n8n integration to talk to 100s of app
Project Templates build-in
or build your own
Use our large collection of project template or build any
of your own.Sflow ADAPTS to how you work.
Start with an easy template and customize it as needed.
Corporate vision:
Your success is our business
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