Customer support ticketing
Customer support ticketing
Software development project management
Software development project management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IT ticketing system
IT ticketing system
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WordPress Plugin

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Simplify IOT or DevOps Ticketing Management with

Automate your ticketing process using API and manage your tickets with ease


IT ticket creation and process

  • 01.
    Kanban view
  • 02.
    List view
  • 03.
    Calendar view
  • 04.
    Map view
  • 05.
    Dashboard with charts to view ticket status and performance
  • 06.
    Alerting system to notify the related person such as operator or DevOps engineers using email, SMS, phone call
  • 07.
    Integration with N8N and Zapier to connect with thousands of applications
ticketing Management


August 29, 2023
In the face of increasing spam emails, it has become a challenge to ensure our product messages reach customers. To make our products visible, we need to adopt effective strategies when sending mass emails. Firstly, build a permission-based email list where recipients willingly opt-in. Secondly, personalize emails by addressing recipients by name and tailoring content to their interests. Addition
August 22, 2023
In today's fast-paced business world, providing exceptional customer support is a key factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, businesses now have an innovative solution to streamline their customer support efforts: a private ChatGPT-based chatbot integrated with a company's knowledge base on a Teleg
August 22, 2023
Introduction. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication and customer engagement are paramount for success. With the advent of AI technology, businesses now have the opportunity to streamline their communication processes and provide exceptional support through chatbots. One such groundbreaking solution is the Easiio ChatAI chatbot, which seamlessly integrates the

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