Customer support ticketing
Customer support ticketing
Software development project management
Software development project management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IOT or DevOps ticketing management
IT ticketing system
IT ticketing system
WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

The sFlow Video Presentation WordPress Plugin lets you embed video presentations effortlessly on your WordPress website or blog, without worrying about compatibility issues.You can do a search on WordPress Plugin. It's easy to use and integrates smoothly with WordPress, making it perfect for business owners, educators, or anyone who wants to add engaging video content to their website.

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Simplify Your Software Development Projects with

Agile Project Management Software with Flexible Task Management, Kanban View, List View, and Calendar View

Functions of Flow

Flexible project and task management Kanban view

  • 01.
    Kanban view
  • 02.
    List view
  • 03.
    Calendar view
  • 04.
    Github integration
  • 05.
  • 06.
  • 07.
    Burn down chart
  • 08.
    Gantt chart
project management

Team Management

  • Set user roles and permissions Set user roles and permissions
  • View team member activity and performance View team member activity and performance
  • Communicate with team members through chat and comments Communicate with team members through chat and comments
  • Project and team member dashboard Project and team member dashboard

Features and Benefits

DevOps_ticketing is a powerful software development project management platform that offers a range of advanced features to streamline project workflows. With its GitHub integration, developers can easily track changes and collaborate seamlessly across different repositories. The platform also features a built-in chat system that allows team members to communicate in real-time, making it easier to discuss ideas and share updates. also includes meeting scheduling and management tools, which help team members stay on track and avoid scheduling conflicts.
The platform's AI and chatGPT support further enhances the project management process by providing intelligent insights and suggestions based on project data. Moreover, supports integration with hundreds of apps, making it easier for teams to manage and automate workflows across different tools. Lastly, the platform's team management features enable project managers to easily assign tasks, track progress, and manage team performance, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.
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