What is the recent explosion of "ChatGPT"?


What is the recent explosion of “ChatGPT”? Recently, a tool called “ChatGPT” has created a huge buzz on the Internet. Its name has attracted a lot of attention over the past period of time. In just two months since its launch, the number of monthly active users has exceeded 100 million, and the number seems to continue to climb. All the major media are also clamoring for coverage. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the tool “ChatGPT” to you, as well as the related technology of ChatGPT, and why it has attracted so much attention.

What is “ChatGPT”?

“ChatGPT is actually a text generation model based on deep learning technology. It combines several different models, and through a fine combination, creates a model capable of generating a variety of text. It includes traditional neural network text generation models based on BERT, GPT-3.5, etc., as well as deep learning text generation models based on the Transformer network architecture, and a new type of text generation model based on deep learning architecture. Each of these different types of “ChatGPT” uses a different type of neural network, making them better able to accomplish specific tasks. (In other words, it is a very powerful intelligent robot.)

What is the recent explosion of "ChatGPT"?

Technology of ChatGPT

As a software, the core of ChatGPT cannot be separated from its underlying technology, which is artificial intelligence. From its name (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer), we can see that ChatGPT is mainly realized using artificial intelligence technology. And it works in a fairly straightforward way, by collecting information from the Internet and manually written text files, and then the program automatically generates the desired text. In addition, this software boasts many powerful features, such as voice input, intelligent dialog, sentiment analysis, and so on. The program automatically implements all these features. In short, the technology behind this software is “machine learning”.

Third, why is it so hot?

As we all know, chatting software is usually warmly welcomed by everyone. The main reason why “ChatGPT” has attracted so much attention is that its chatting method is different from what we see in our daily life. Chatting software we usually come across is based on text communication, but “ChatGPT” is based on dialog communication.
What it can be used for, however, is the main point and one of the main reasons for its recent popularity.
For example:
Programmers can use it for code debugging.
Operations people can use it to write copy.
writers can utilize it to create novels or construct outlines.
It can also be used to write speeches, optimize resumes for interviews, etc. ……


Although “ChatGPT” has become so hot now, I believe that as long as it can become smarter and easier to use, then all this will not be a problem. This is certainly good news for technology enthusiasts. After all, when using “ChatGPT”, we can use it according to our own needs without having to worry about our information being leaked, etc. If we use “ChatGPT”, we can use it according to our own needs and no one will leak our information. If we use “ChatGPT”, it can help us to accomplish some simple tasks and provide us with some convenience. ChatGPT is a worthwhile program for both individuals and technology enthusiasts.

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