Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Age of ChatGPT - Let EASIIO ChatAI Help You Realize It


After the emergence of ChatGPT, all conversations between human beings have become “techy”. Whether it’s a student in a remote area or an investor in a first-tier city, people started to ask about the relationship with ChatGPT. Some asked, “I heard that ChatGPT can write its own scripts, will you be replaced in the future?”. Others asked, “Can your product be combined with ChatGPT?”. There are even people who saw the advertisement of “ChatGPT Enhances Competitiveness in the Future Workplace” on the circle of friends and asked, “Will learning ChatGPT keep me from losing my job?” . The era of ChatGPT has arrived.

The era of ChatGPT

The GPTization of universal chat has become a trend. Some people embrace it, some people fear it, and some people still don’t know why it is so popular. Some have even managed to secure $125 million in funding by citing the ChatGPT model. What’s more, some people have even relied on ChatGPT to bring their company’s annual revenue up to $10 million.

However, ChatGPT is not the end of AI, but the beginning of the detonation of AI development.

As soon as ChatGPT was launched, users flocked to it from all over the world. It took only two months to exceed 100 million users, setting a record for the fastest Internet application to exceed 100 million users. It’s worth noting that it took TikTok 9 months, Facebook 2 years, and Instagram 30 months to achieve this feat.

This marks the beginning of the third technological revolution. Kuhn, the philosopher of science, once suggested that science does not develop in a smooth and linear manner, but rather like ascending steps, going up one step at a time at intervals. Just as the introduction of ChatGPT took artificial intelligence to new heights.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, predicts that AI big model technology will become the most important technology platform after the mobile internet. Combined with the development of chatbot interfaces and multimodal models for images, music, and text, it will give rise to world-class mega-corporations.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also came out and said that the current development in the field of artificial intelligence has shown exponential growth.

ChatGPT is just one form of generative AI, not the whole of AI.

The primary market is also flooded with powerful generative AI startups. According to PitchBook, venture capital investment in AIGCs (generative AI startups) has grown more than 400% since the release of GPT-3. This year it reached a staggering $2.1 billion.

The goal of generative AI is not to be fancy, but to solve the problem of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Freeing up repetitive labor and giving humans more time for more creative work.

The era of ChatGPT has arrived.

At the level closest to the end user, generative AI promises to be a personal assistant to humans. For example, when you want to book a flight, just tell ChatGPT the time and place, and it will call Expedia (a platform for booking flights and hotels) to look up and book the flight for you. When you want to book a meal, it will first call OpenTable to help you choose a restaurant and menu. ChatGPT’s plugin store already has 11 apps, including flights, hotels, shopping, and food ordering.

Let EASIIO ChatAI help you realize your ChatGPT startup!

Generative AI is in full swing, as if we were back in the “iPhone era” of the mobile Internet. At that time, iOS-based startups of all sizes formed a new software application landscape.

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