How to set up Easiio ChatAI chatbot in less than 20 minutes - Business ChatGPT for your website


ChatGPT is hot and business is using it to improve efficiency. Here is an article about the use of ChatGPT for business. In the fast-paced world of business, providing exceptional customer support, driving sales, and engaging marketing strategies are vital for success. That’s where Business ChatGPT comes into play. By utilizing business-specific content such as website information, documents, and Q&A, Easiio ChatAI builds a private knowledge base that empowers businesses to offer unparalleled customer support, streamline sales interactions, and boost marketing efforts.

Why Choose Business ChatGPT?

Business ChatGPT stands out by leveraging your organization’s unique content, including website pages, sitemaps, and various documents like text, presentations, PDFs, and more. By utilizing this information, the chatbot becomes well-versed in your business’s offerings and intricacies, creating a personalized and reliable AI assistant for customer support, sales, and marketing.

Intro easiio chatAI chatbot

Setting up Easiio ChatAI in Six Simple Steps:

1. Register your account at to get started. chat AI chatGPT signup

2. After logging in to the console, navigate to ChatAI -> Settings. chat AI chatGPT add config

3. Add a configuration tailored to your organization’s specific needs. chat AI chatGPT knowledge base

4. Build your Knowledge Base by seamlessly adding relevant content such as web pages, website sitemaps, and various documents like text, presentations, PDFs, and more. chat AI chatGPT knowledge base add content

5. Validate the ChatAI’s capabilities by interacting with the chatbot on the console. chat AI chatGPT internal chatAI chatbot

6. Copy the provided “snippets” code and integrate it into your website. Test the ChatAI from your own website to ensure a smooth user experience.

Copy chatbot snippet for embed to website.

Unlocking its Potential in Business Cases:

Easiio ChatAI proves to be a versatile tool across numerous business scenarios. For customer support, it offers swift and accurate responses, reducing ticket resolution times and ensuring customer satisfaction. In sales, the chatbot acts as a knowledgeable sales assistant, providing product information and personalized recommendations to potential customers. For marketing, it engages website visitors and gathers valuable insights for targeted campaigns. Embrace Easiio ChatAI to unleash the power of AI in enhancing your business’s efficiency and growth.

website embedded chatbot from Easiio AI

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Here is the video about how to setup the Easiio ChatAI – Business chatGPT.