What is kanban?


What is kanban?Kanban is a popular project management method that originated in Japan and has been widely adopted in various industries around the world. It is a visual system that helps teams track and manage their work, with the goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

At its core, Kanban is about visualizing work and creating transparency. It involves creating a Kanban board, which is a visual representation. This allows team members to see at a glance what work needs to be done. It also allows them to see how their work fits into the larger context of the project.

What is kanban

One of the main features of Kanban is that it is flexible and adaptable. Team members can make changes and improvements as they work through the process. This facilitates the team to respond quickly to continuous improvement progress and make progress more effectively.

The general steps for using Kanban are as follows:

  • Define the work: First, you need to define those tasks you have and then create it as a Kanban card. With this card, you can clearly know your tasks and progress, which in turn will help you organize your time better.
  • Create a board: Then you need to create a board to track the progress of the work. Kanban boards usually consist of three sections: “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”. You can create a board using Kanban software or pencil and paper and a whiteboard.
  • Set up rules and policies: Then you need to set up rules and policies for workflow. For example, you can assign jobs to make some special changes or that each person can only handle a certain number of jobs at the same time.
  • Track progress: Then you need to set up a system to track the progress of the work. This system has different stages where users can record information. With the recorded information, you can track the progress of the work and make adjustments

Implement continuous improvement. Finally, you need to create a system of continuous improvement. This system has the function to continuously optimize the process and make the work more efficient. A good improvement system can go a long way to help us work even better.

Overall, Kanban is a powerful project management method that can help teams to be more productive and efficient. By visualizing work and encouraging continuous improvement, it enables teams to respond quickly to changing circumstances and to make progress more efficiently.