Top 7 Automated Testing Tools for Web-Based REST APIs


An “Automated Testing Tool for Web-Based REST APIs” is software that automates the testing of RESTful APIs on the web. You can use this tool to test the functionality and performance of APIs and validate their compliance with industry standards. In addition, developers and testers can use the tool to easily write test cases. It is also possible to integrate it into their development and testing workflow. With the help of this tool, organizations can ensure that their APIs are reliable and performant, leading to improved user experience and customer satisfaction.

Automated testing tool

Following are the top 10 Web RESTFUL API test automation tool, URL, and short description:

1. Postman – – Postman is a collaboration platform for API development that makes it easy to test, develop, and document APIs.

2. SoapUI – – SoapUI is an open-source web service testing application for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST).

3. Katalon Studio – – Katalon Studio is a comprehensive toolset. You can use it for automation testing of web and mobile applications and it supports both RESTful and SOAP protocols. It can also be used for data-driven testing, cross-browser compatibility testing, performance testing, and more.

4. JMeter – – Apache JMeter is an open source load and performance testing tool. It can test applications over the HTTP protocol and supports RESTful web services and SOAP-based services.

5 . Rest Assured –– Users can test RESTful Web Services or APIs with HTTP protocol, JSON & XML payloads using the open-source Java library, Rest Assured.

6 . Karate DSL –– The open-source Karate DSL framework specifically designs for testing RESTful Web Services or APIs through the HTTP protocol, supporting JSON & XML payloads, assertions, and data-driven tests, etc.

7 . HttpMaster –– Users can use HttpMaster, a powerful GUI-based tool, to test RESTful Web Services or APIs that use the HTTP protocol. It supports JSON & XML payloads, assertions, data-driven tests, etc.

In conclusion,with these seven great testing tools, software development API testing could be done more completely and provide better quality software for customers. is a great software project management tool. Sign up for free and test out the automation.