SFlow CRM Benefits


SFlow CRM is a customer-centric business model, an enterprise-oriented customer relationship management system supported by IT and network technologies. With the development of information technology and the Internet, more and more companies are incorporating customer resources and services into their daily business management activities. An excellent CRM can help an enterprise to effectively manage customer relationships and ultimately achieve business value growth.

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1、Fast sales lead collection

SFlow CRM system helps companies build a sales lead management platform to quickly collect sales leads and improve sales performance.
Support customer management functions, easily realize the change of salesperson’s role and the setting and control of customer data authority.
Business Opportunity Management: Support business opportunity auto-push function to help sales staff improve follow-up efficiency.

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2、Data Assetization

The most important data in SFlow CRM system is the core data of CRM system. CRM system can obtain a large amount of customer information, and in the entire marketing process to accumulate customer assets database. These core data can help enterprises build a complete and comprehensive marketing system.

3、Customer life cycle management

Customers will go through different purchase stages before purchasing products and services, and the Support Flow CRM system can help enterprises to effectively manage the customer lifecycle. When a user completes a purchase, the CRM system records the customer’s purchase information and sets the appropriate policies. For users who have completed the transaction and have not purchased products or services again or have not generated relevant consumption records, the system will automatically generate a personalized incentive policy.

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4、Information sharing and business collaboration

Nowadays, CRM emphasizes information sharing between enterprises and customers, and business collaboration and sharing between enterprises, so as to improve service quality and efficiency.
In many companies, you can see that many different types and levels of businesses can share to the same platform. If you want to improve efficiency, you have to add business processes to the system to support this goal.

5、Marketing channel management

CRM can help companies integrate channels and markets effectively to achieve resource sharing.
Through the analysis of marketing channels, you can achieve the optimal allocation of enterprise sales resources and improve sales efficiency.
Through SFlow CRM, different channels can be divided into multiple regions to achieve resource integration and sharing.
It can also be segmented according to regions and assigned to corresponding customers and marketing leaders for better promotion and sales.