Build Tools for Web Frontend

Build Tools are libraries that help automate the process of building, testing, and deploying web applications. They can be used to compile code, minify files, run tests, and deploy applications. In frontend development they can be used to bundle JavaScript modules into a single file for faster loading times and to optimize images for better performance. Build Tools also provide an easy way to manage dependencies between different libraries and frameworks.

List of top libraries:
Library name Language Popularity Description Download link Weekly download Stars Forks
Webpack (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 Webpack is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also capable of transforming, bundling, or packaging just about any resource or asset. 62.3k 8.6k
Grunt (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner 12.2k 1.5k
Gulp (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 A toolkit to automate & enhance your workflow 32.7k 4.4k
Rollup (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. It uses the standardized ES module format for code, instead of previous idiosyncratic solutions such as CommonJS and AMD. ES modules let you freely and seamlessly combine the most useful individual functions from your favorite libraries. Rollup can optimize ES modules for faster native loading in modern browsers, or output a legacy module format allowing ES module workflows today. 22.8k 1.3k
Browserify (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 browser-side require() the node.js way 14.3k 1.2k
Parcel (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 The zero configuration build tool for the web.? 41.8k 2.2k
FuseBox (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 Use FuseBox to preprocess files in Karma 9 2
Webpack (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 TypeScript loader for webpack 3.3k 443
Grunt (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 A flexible CSharp to TypeScript generator that is Gulp, Webpack and Grunt friendly, written in TypeScript. 44 9
Gulp (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 A handy command line interface for gulp 481 64
Rollup (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 Rollup plugin for typescript with compiler errors. 773 68
Browserify (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 A javascript Bitcoin library for node.js and browsers. 4.8k 1.9k
Parcel (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 This is a TypeScript specific fork of?phaser3-parcel-template. 218 93
FuseBox (TypeScript, Very Popular) TypeScript 5 Angular Universal seed project featuring Server-Side Rendering,?@fuse-box?bundling, material, firebase, Jest, Nightmare, and more 133 34
Parcel (Java, Very Popular) Java 5 Android Parcelables made easy through code generation. 3.6k 273
FuseBox (Java, Very Popular) Java 5 The CoreAPI for the entirety of the LightCraft Network 1 1
Webpack (C#, Very Popular) C# 5 ASP.NET MVC 5 with webpack 69 33
Grunt (C#, Very Popular) C# 5 A vspackage that adds the possibility to launch Grunt tasks 41 12
Parcel (C#, Very Popular) C# 5 Reference parcel registry. 7 9
FuseBox (C#, Very Popular) C# 5 Break out of fusebox XML. Convert to cfc cfscript based circuits. 3 2
Webpack (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 Transparently use webpack with django 2.4k 331
Grunt (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 sublime-grunt can be installed via Sublime Package Control. 300 34
Gulp (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 Run Gulp tasks and use snippets from Sublime Text 154 19
Rollup (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 OpenZeppelin Contracts written in Cairo for StarkNet, a decentralized ZK Rollup 593 192
Browserify (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 Browserify filter for webassets 6 3
Parcel (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 Helpful tool to make data objects easier for Android 66 33
FuseBox (Python, Very Popular) Python 5 FUSE-powered sandbox for Gentoo Linux. 4 1
Webpack (Ruby, Very Popular) Ruby 5 Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails 5.3k 1.5k
Gulp (Ruby, Very Popular) Ruby 5 Ditch the Rails Asset Pipeline and roll your own with Gulp 647 67
Browserify (Ruby, Very Popular) Ruby 5 Browserify + Rails = a great way to modularize your legacy JavaScript 702 92
Parcel (Ruby, Very Popular) Ruby 5 Parcelify let you create simple yet powerful shipping rates based on address fields 31
FuseBox (Ruby, Very Popular) Ruby 5 A prototype tool to make 'playbacks' on your digital progress to share with supporters 0 0
Webpack (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 Symfony integration with Webpack Encore! 843 75
Grunt (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 Asset management package for Laravel 4, that harnesses the power of GruntJS 123 24
Gulp (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 My gulp settings 294 137
Browserify (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 It's a WP project seeder with composer, npm, gulp and browserify. 45 13
Parcel (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 An Android Parcelable implementation creator 202 19
FuseBox (PHP, Very Popular) PHP 5 Backend for FuseBox 0 0

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