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Forms library is a collection of components that allow developers to quickly and easily create forms for web applications. Forms library can be used in frontend development to create user interfaces, validate user input, and submit data to the server. It provides a set of pre-built components such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes and more that can be used to build custom forms with minimal effort. Additionally, it also provides features such as validation rules and error messages which help developers ensure that the form is valid before submitting it.

List of top libraries:
Library name Language Popularity Description Download link Weekly download Stars Forks
jQuery Validation Plugin (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript,Html 5 jQuery plugin that makes it easy to validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from javascript code. 976 487
Parsley (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript,Html,css 5 Parsley is now smarter, it automatically detects your forms' modifications and adapts its validation accordingly. Simply add, remove or edit fields, Parsley validation will follow! 9k 1.4k
Formvalidation (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript,css 5 This repository contains the source of 155 20
Validate.js (JavaScript, Very Popular) JavaScript 5 validate.js is a lightweight JavaScript form validation library inspired by CodeIgniter. 2.6k 411
Formulate (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript,C#,Html,Scss 4 An advanced form builder for Umbraco. 84 46
Validatr (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript 4 Cross Browser HTML5 Form Validation. 279 42
Formalize (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript,css 4 Teach your forms some manners! 1.3k 120
Formly (JavaScript, Popular) TypeScript 4 angular-formly is an AngularJS module which has a directive to help customize and render JavaScript/JSON configured forms. The formly-form directive and the formlyConfig service are very powerful and bring unmatched maintainability to your application's forms. 2.2k 413
Validator (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript 4 A library of string validators and sanitizers. 20.9k 2.1k
Validatious (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript,Ruby 4 Validatious 2.0 is a JavaScript library that provides very flexible unobtrusive client side form validation. 27 2
Formspree (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript,css,Html,python,Makefile,Mako,Shell 4 Functional HTML forms. 2.8k 249
Validatorjs (JavaScript, Popular) JavaScript,Shell 4 The validatorjs library makes data validation in JavaScript very easy in both the browser and Node.js. This library was inspired by the Laravel framework's Validator. 1.7k 279

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