How to use Process Kanban to manage work?


Process Kanban is an effective tool for managing your company’s operational processes. Do you want to know how to manage your company’s daily processes in a single operations team? One person can operate multiple projects at the same time and there is no interaction between these projects. Are you worried about employees in a team interfering with each other while performing different tasks? It can help improve productivity and efficiency and has become an essential process management item for many companies. That is great news for business to improve their efficiency.

1、Define the scope of work of Kanban

In Kanban, each process has its own scope of work. You can define the scope of work for Kanban based on the size of your company and the number of departments. Kanban has attributes such as “Level” and “Function”, so you can decide to use Kanban based on the number of departments, people, etc.

Process Kanban

2、Use Kanban to create new processes

After creating a Kanban board, team members can change the flow and priority of tasks at any time. You can operate multiple projects at the same time by one person, setting the task status of each node to a different point in time. Each branch has a progress tracker that allows you to track the execution of each node. Once a node starts execution, it will be notified to the other nodes in each branch.

3、Process Kanban Create process priorities

Each Kanban board has a specific work priority. It allows each person to know what they should do at what time to better complete the task. At the end of the day, the team can assess what they need to accomplish and do a ranking of their priorities. Teams can link their work plans for a week or two to tasks and priorities. Company managers can then use the Process Kanban board to see what work is currently and will be done in the future and how long it will take to complete.

4、Share information with others

Process Kanban can share important project progress, task schedules, and other information with team members. In this way, team members can better complete their respective tasks and can collaborate with each other rather than each affecting the other. If employees see that their progress is not meeting expectations, they will also work harder to complete the project. This practice can improve the confidence of team members to complete the project so that they can complete the task with higher efficiency.

5、 Process Kanban for cross-departmental cooperation

Through the use of process boards, you can improve efficiency and ensure the transparency of information. Kanban can raise the synergy between various departments and processes to a new level and achieve effective communication between departments.