Easiio ChatAI Complete Hands-On Guide to Getting Started from Scratch!


ChatGPT came out of nowhere, let a lot of people anxious, however, you do not need to be anxious about this, because more powerful than AI is always to harness AI for their own use of human beings. Today an article to take you to master the use of Easiio ChatAI, this article is no nonsense, the whole dry goods, all are practical, pure white people can also understand.

Why can’t AI be used for you?

The first pain point for many people after contacting ChatAI is that it doesn’t work well. That is to say, you will often feel that ChatGPT answers are so empty, without much reference value. The second pain point is: nowhere to use it. That is to say: after having ChatAI, you realize that you don’t seem to have anything to ask, and you don’t know what you can use GPT for. Therefore, under the influence of these two pain points, after you have finished tossing your account and the freshness of chatting passes, the GPT will also follow you to lie down and eat dust, and your life and work will remain unchanged.

Six simple steps to set up Easiio ChatAI.

1、 From this link into, and then with the mailbox can be free to register your account. Of course, you can also from our official website home page to enter, and at the same time can learn more information.

2、Login to the control background and then you can see the simple and clear page.nd then from the left side of the column to find ChatAI -> Settings.

 ChatAI -> Settings.

3、 according to your company’s specific needs to add a customized configuration. For example, the education industry can customize questions and answers for customers. The sales industry can have robots communicate with customers and leave contact information, and so on.

4、Build your knowledge base by adding relevant content (e.g. web pages, site maps and various documents such as text, presentations, PDFs, etc.).

5、Verify the functionality of ChatAI by interacting with the chatbot at the console. And you can make timely adjustments to the results.

6, Copy the provided valid code and integrate it into your website. Test ChatAI from your own website to ensure a smooth user experience.

Above is the usage and operation steps of Easiio ChatAI. ChatAI is a very powerful and smart tool, so we need to learn how to use it properly to improve our quality of life and productivity.

Finally, we welcome you to experience our Chat AI technology . Easiio Chat AI is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, so you can use it without worrying about your personal information being disclosed. Meanwhile, our team is always optimizing and improving Easiio Chat AI to provide better services.

Easiio welcomes you to join us, let’s create a better future with technology.