How to automate WordPress posting
in 15 mins

If you like automation of your task. This one is for you. Automating the process of posting to a WordPress blog is a great idea. It can greatly improve marketing efficiency by saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. Automation allows for a streamlined workflow where posts can be created and scheduled in advance. Firstly, this saves time for the marketer but also ensures that content is consistently being published on a regular schedule. Secondly, it can lead to higher traffic and engagement. Finally, marketers can be freed up to focus on other tasks such as analyzing data and engaging with their audience.

In the blog, we like to introduce you to a new Youtube video. How to create a WordPress automated posting tool in just 15 minutes using’s automation features. It is easy for users to automatically publish posts from a collaboration editor to WordPress without any coding required.

Learn how to automate your WordPress posting process in a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Create a project within
  3. Create a task within the project, including a title and description
  4. Open the automation editor and create a new automation app
  5. Add WebHook, Sflow, and WordPress components to the automation editor
  6. Configure each component accordingly
  7. Save and enable the automation
  8. Add a webhook to the automation
  9. Run the task to send it to your WordPress blog
Image for WordPress automation using

By following these steps, you can easily automate your WordPress posting using Once created, you can reuse the script for all your tasks, and even make it fully automated.