Best Project Management Software 2022


With the continuous development of information technology, software project management has also undergone great changes.

How to change from the traditional management mode to a modern management mode has become a problem that managers must face. For many companies, software project management work has been more than a single management tool, but to achieve more aspects, the effective linkage between the various links. It becoming an important and indispensable link in the development and continuous improvement of software engineering.

Therefore, in order to better achieve the project management work, a set of effective, powerful, project management software tools are needed. In this article, I will recommend a few good software management tools for everyone

1、 What is software project management

Software project management is a component of software engineering. It is to enable software projects in accordance with the predetermined cost, schedule, quality and the successful completion of the personnel (People), product (Product), process (Process) and project (Project) to analyze and manage the activities.

Software project management refers to a series of activities performed by software managers during the software life cycle. IT begins before any technical activities, the purpose of software project management is to ensure that software projects are completed on time and on budget, and to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

2、Best Project Management Software 2022

These software project management tools to a certain extent to solve the various problems encountered in the process of enterprise management, but also has some shortcomings, the need to combine the actual situation of the enterprise to choose. Here are a few good software project management tools for 2022.

Project Management Software


Jira software is a powerful project management tool that helps all types of teams to manage their work. It has a complete agile testing process, page form customization, workflow customization, rich charts and statistics plug-ins, open external API and other features.

Jira Software has over 100,000 customers worldwide. Partners include Square, ebay, VISA, cisco, etc. Of course, Jira’s complex user interface and migration make it a heavy management task . Its corresponding price tag is also beyond the reach of most businesses, and the average SMB would be hard pressed to accept a starting cost of several tens of thousands of dollars.


Asana has very user-friendly features designed to create a safe space for sensitive work, such as setting up private projects. It has very detailed records and can view the complete history of tasks. While providing software, it also provides professional management consulting (except for domestic) and also supports multiple languages.

3、Monday. com

Monday. com is a task management tool with a Kanban view that helps cross-functional teams coordinate their most important work. For example, project managers seeking real-time reporting can easily create project dashboards to increase workflow communication.
The biggest advantage of monday is that it simplifies the management process, facilitates onboarding of new employees, etc. It is also low-code, allows creating management solutions that fit a very wide range of scenarios, is very easy to work with external people, and doesn’t have to worry about security and other issues. also has some drawbacks. For example, it is visually cluttered and has limited features such as document management software.

4、Sflow Flow

Sflow Flow is a project management system, an R&D management product with wisdom and simplicity as its main concept.
It through low-code / no-code customization to improve the level of automation, and the process is fast and standardized, clear and transparent, and can meet the needs of multi-industry, multi-scenario, multi-role collaboration. Support your business processes from software development, customer support, IT work orders, marketing, sales and product delivery.

It is a great process support system for startups and small businesses. It is easy to use and out-of-the-box compared to other products. In addition, Sflow Flow supports private deployments, custom development and SAAS versions at a very favorable price. Also you can visit the website for a free trial.